Michael Doven’s Other Side

Michael DovenMichael Doven is known as a man who does film producing because of the number of films that he had. But aside from being a film producer, he also has other side of his life and career. He is a very good photographer in terms of capturing precise and excellent photographs. Michael Doven can take his piece of arts into the next level.

Michael Doven had 25 years of experience in still life photography as well as in the filming of motion pictures. His well-rounded experiences in the field of photography allowed him to help those people who are in need of assistance in their journey to the photography world.

Michael Doven is giving several tips to those people who are wishing to become good photographers in the future whether they are just starting their journey or if they have been doing photography for a long period.

He is teaching those potential photographers to compose a portrait with an expression to the attention. Depending on the subject, he will teach them on how everyone is going to look on the camera. On the other hand, it is also important to understand that by having the passion on doing photography will help them create a posed feeling in the thing that they are looking for a photograph. What Michael Doven is teaching to his students is on how they are going to make a photograph of a certain subject that has a soft profile that can result into a very stunning portrait, but there are times that this technique is not suitable for all the kind of portrait.

Michael DovenMichael Doven wants his students to check on the background of the subject that they are going to have because for him, it is the foundation on where the picture is built. Aside from that, they should also know how to understand the value of flash in their subject because flash and light are the two aspects in photography that is very difficult to manage so they need to master it first.

Another thing that Michael Doven teaches to his students is for them to try the unusual things because it is where the unexpected beauty of a subject comes out. They should also understand the exposure of their subject for it to become visually appealing. The expertise that Michael Doven has in the photography is willingly shared by him to those people who also want to be good in photography just like him.